Charmaine Gower

I grew up on a farm in the Eastern Cape where my playmates were the farmworkers’ children. Here I learned their language and rich culture which inspired me, at a young age, to create beaded jewellery and other cultural embellishments. I helped feed and care for the animals on the farm and also learned about planting vegetables and many other wholesome life lessons.

I was employed as a legal secretary after I matriculated and worked for the same firm of attorneys until I decided to relocate to the city of Cape Town in 2000 where I took up employment in the legal field once again. The deep yearning to create my own brand of art is apparent from the many hours I spend in my “workshop” experimenting with materials and tools.

I am passionate about recycling and bringing the benefits thereof to the attention of the world through my creation of functional artwork. I collect a broad range of recycled materials from the corporate office where I work and support a recycling depot which employs mentally challenged people by paying for their services to collect and clean specific items, thereby giving them a sense of self-worth.

I visit a local restaurant each evening which does not yet recycle to collect blue plastic water bottles which I use to make my unique artwork, thereby preventing these bottles from being discarded and ending up as refuse, choking our planet, harming our animals and poisoning our natural resources.

I embrace forward thinking and innovative ideas, by transforming materials previously destined for landfill into something exclusive, unusual and functional.

I have a vision to uplift society by empowering people through employment and skills development and inspiring others to also become passionate about recycling.

I continue to progress my passion for purposefully easing the litter burden on our environment by creating unique, well finished “art with soul” for the discerning collector embracing forward thinking and innovative ideas.

South African hand-made craft from independent designers